Want to know where crypto is going? Follow the developers! #AVAX #FTM #ADA #SOL #LUNA #NEAR

January 9, 2022 36736 Views

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Follow the Developers Follow the Money L1 Update
0:00 Intro
0:30 Weak Day – with 2 Greens

1:00 Some History
How Developer Front Run Stock Gains
2:00 “Want to know where crypto is going? Follow the developers” – Slow Ventures general partner Sam Lessin

3:00 Chains Compared

5:00 Conclusion: EVM is Everywhere

EVM is everywhere and runs most L1s – the Solidity language is used.

6:00 Sharding is key to ETH 2.0 Success. Will it impact EVM?

7:00 Is Sharding is Bad? Answer from SBF

8:00 Sharding Weakness

9:00 Is Rust is an ideal smart contract language?

It is type safe
Memory safe
Free of undefined behaviors.
It generates small binaries because it doesn’t include extra bloat, like a garbage collector, and advanced optimizations and tree shaking remove dead code.
Languages: Why Rust is Good

10:00 Rust most Beloved Language ∴ attracts Devs

11:00 Top Developers Chase Max Impact

12:00 Top Developer Growth – SOLANA
Amazing report from ELECTRIC CAPITAL.

13:00 Top Developer Growth – The Also Rans

13:30 Top Developer Growth – The Smaller Shops
The smaller shops – AVAX ALGO ICP TERRA FANTOM all had impressive growth 4x ing devs

14:00 Emerging Ecosystems excl ETH SOL ATOM DOT BTC
The emerging Ecosystms excluding ETH DOT COSMOS SOL and BTC – The big stand out here is NEAR protocol – while all others are flat lining

15:00 AVAX Transactions Munching on ETH

16:00 TVL is key to Watch – Huge Changes

16:30 Correlation between $SOL and TVL

17:00 Binance is Collateralizing As Much as they Can!


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