SHIB News: What’s Next for SHIB in 2022? | Shiba Inu Price Prediction | Shibarium Blockchain | shiba

January 5, 2022 8798 Views

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News Highlights:
01. Shibarium Speculations: What’s Next for SHIB in 2022?
02. 9 businesses commit to the SHIB token burn initiative in 2022
03. The list of companies includes…
Shiba Coffee Company: A coffee-shipping company that supports the Shiba ecosystem. It states that 100% of its profits will go toward buying SHIB, 10% of which will go toward burning SHIB.
Bigger Entertainment: A crypto record label with a variable SHIB burn, in which artists agree to donate 20% of royalties to burn SHIB.
The Vibe Maquillage: A cosmetics line that burns 15% of all sales made in SHIB.
Marklien: A knitted apparel store. Twenty-five percent will be burned from all purchases using SHIB as a payment method.
Precious Paws: Deals in dog accessories and toys, and 20% of its profits will be used in burning SHIB.
Cryptoon Network: Twenty-five percent of its sales will be used to burn SHIB.
Save The F**king Trees: Seventy-five percent of earnings from gear and art will go to burns.
THE SHIBETTES | 1/1 NFTs: Burning a percentage of the proceeds from NFT sales.
Shiba Search: This will burn a percentage of ad revenue.
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