Dogelon Mars – The Next Shiba Inu Coin?

January 11, 2022 11384 Views

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By popular request today we are breaking down Dogelon Mars, what it is, and comparing it to Shiba Inu Coin. Follow along with how I research new tokens in today’s crypto video update.
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And don’t you worry, I’m still a huge SHIB fan. I have holdings in SHIB and haven’t sold a single token…but since you have been asking me in the comments, ask…and you shall receive!

But first, two things that you must know:

1. It is pronounced DOG A LON MARS. If someone is out there saying Doge Elon Mars, it is incorrect. The official website talks about how to pronounce this the right way.
2. I’m not a HYPE guy. This is my review on DOG A LON Mars but on this channel we only invest what we can afford to lose. We also start investing with our ROTH IRA, conservative investments, and become debt free. Start there and then you have EXTRA money…and that’s what we use for alternative investments. That way if it drops in value, we don’t need to worry.

Are you a Dogelon Mars fan already? Comment below with anything I may miss here that I should check out!

Also, remember that this video is NOT financial advice to you or anyone who watches to buy, hold, or sell Dogelon Mars or any investment. I’m just some random guy on YouTube who sometimes looks like Woody from Toy Story, so you have to take that for what it’s worth and do your own research.

Chapters of Today’s video on Dogelon Mars Coin
00:00 Dogelon Mars Review
01:49 Dogelon Mars Price
03:50 Dogelon Mars Holders
07:00 Is Dogelon Mars a Scam?
08:52 Dogelon Mars Whitepaper
10:57 Exchanges listing ELON
12:05 Where to buy Dogelon Mars
13:34 Dogelon Mars vs Shiba Inu

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